What If I Could Take You By The Hand For The Next 21 Days...
As You Boost Your Energy, Get Laser-Like Focus, And 20x Your Productivity?
The Next 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge Starts
The Next 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge Starts
June 3rd
Registration closes in....
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kick cravings to the curb
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10X productivity
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It can feel different for every mom…

For some of you, it’s that brain fog you feel every day—it’s hard for you to focus, you start things and don’t finish them, and sometimes you just freeze in your tracks and think, “what was I doing?”

For other moms, it’s that zero motivation you deal with. You know WHAT to do—make the calls, fold the laundry, prep the meals, but you have no motivation to do it. You tend to think, “what’s the point?”

Then other moms who are absolutely exhausted. You don’t feel like you’re really living. Instead, you’re just trying to make it through the day, and the next, and the next. You may think, “I just want to check out.”

Then there are the moms who feel this inner restlessness. You know, deep inside, that life wasn’t meant to be just dirty dishes in the sink, piles of unmatched socks, and random “to do” lists. You have this voice inside that says, “God made me for more.”

He did. I promise.

But before I tell you the GOAL of the 21- Day Mom Fog Challenge, let me ask you a few questions…
Please check all of the questions where your answer is “YES!”
Do you have more than 2 tasks on your “to do” list that you have avoided?
Have you missed deadlines in the past 3 months because you forgot about them?
Do you have more than one load of laundry waiting to be folded?
Have you ever “zoned out” when your children were talking to you?
Do you exercise less than 2 times per week because you’re too busy or exhausted?
Have you ever felt angry or sad for no apparent reason?
If you checked any of the above boxes, I want to invite you to join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge and change your life forever!
Here is how the Mom Fog Challenge works…
The challenge costs $40 to join.
The 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge could easily cost over $600 for all 21 days. Maybe even $1,000, but…
All you pay is $40.
You can’t even have family pizza night for that much!
In exchange for that tiny $40, you get the complete kit!
• 21 Days of “Mom Mastery Method” Video Missions from Hannah Keeley, America’s #1 Mom Coach - $997 value

• BONUS: 21 Daily Mission Guides - $247 value

• BONUS: Mom Fog Challenge Group Access - $197 value

• BONUS: Mom Fog: 8 Steps to Overcome Mom Fatigue Syndrome book - $27 value
Total Value: $1,468
If you want to boost your energy, get laser-like focus, and 20X your productivity, then this is the challenge for you…
You have 21 days to let me work with you side-by-side, day-by-day, to get results like you’ve never seen before.
to get results like you’ve never seen before.
Need to know more? I’m a mom! I get it!
Let me show you everything you get when you join the Mom Fog Challenge today!
The first thing you will get access to is the..
21-Day Mom Fog Challenge Member Site
This is where you will get your Daily Mission videos. Oh, and did you know that you have lifetime access to your account and everything inside? Pretty cool, right?
These are NOT motivational videos. These are tactical Daily Missions to guide you through the Mom Mastery Method so you can get massive results!
You will also get…
21 Daily Mission Guides
($247 value)
This is your Strategy Blueprint for the Mom Fog Challenge. 

This is where you can apply the mission and document your progress. It’s like me working right beside you, guiding you through the execution of each Mission of the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge.
Mom Fog: 8 Steps to Overcoming Mom Fatigue Syndrome
($27 value)
This landmark book breaks down the entire proprietary Mom Mastery Method—proven to help over 1,200 moms get amazing results in their lives.  

In fact, I paid $50,000 for this book, and you get it for FREE!

True Story—One of the largest publishing companies in the world gave me $50,000 for this book. When looking at the finished manuscript, they wanted me to “dumb it down.” 

The editor said (in her own words), “this is too empowering for moms.”

Too empowering? 😱

I bought my rights back, because I believe that moms are the most powerful force on earth!

I want to empower you with this manual on the proven method (we have over 500 documented cases in our files) that works specifically with moms...

to radically increase 

✔️ Energy
✔️ Productivity 
✔️ And focus!
Mom Fog Challenge Group
($197 value)
The #1 reason most moms fail to finish projects and complete tasks is they lose momentum. 

We are not going to let that happen! 

Not on my watch! 

The 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge comes with a built-in accountability group where you can get the momentum you need from other Mom Fog Challengers!

You cannot do this alone. 

You’ve probably tried that before, and failed. 

You need your tribe!
You get access to ALL these bonuses immediately when you join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge!
We will send The Challenge Welcome Kit to your doorstep the moment you join the 21 Mom Fog Challenge!
(We’re 100% committed to keeping the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge at a very low rate, so that any mom can join. Just help us cover the shipping cost for the kit--$5 US / $10 International—and we can get it right to your front door!)
About Hannah Keeley, the Mom Fog Challenge Coach…
"I'm Hannah Keeley, the founder of Mom Mastery University and the mother of seven kids.

I struggled as a mom. Cluttered house, crippling debt, out of shape, depressed, anxious--you name it, I suffered with it. And the worst part of it all? I thought I was stuck there, for good.

When I was at one of my lowest points, I discovered a formula to transform my life based on the power of God's Word; and within months, started getting amazing results. I paid off debt, lost weight, decluttered my home, established structure in my life, and--the best part of all--became a happier mom."
Here is Your Challenge…
Take action today, join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge, and complete the Daily Missions assigned to you, every day, for 21-Day
✔️ YES, there will be assignments…
✔️ YES, there will be accountability…
So, let me ask you—
“Are you ready to challenge yourself?”
At the end of the challenge, you will have mastered the 21 techniques and be well on your way to more energy, focus, and massive productivity.
But let me ask you a question:
Would it be worth $40 if the only thing you got was…
  • Your HOME organized and clutter free?
  • Massive energy when you wake up in the morning?
  • No more to-do lists floating around?
  •  A fun relationship with your kids?
  •  A feeling of satisfaction when you went to bed at night?
  •  Clear systems to run your home, family, and daily life?
  •  No more stress headaches or anxiety?
Yes! All day, every day!
Here’s why the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge is so different.
Every heard of Mom Brain? 
Yeah, it’s real (you probably already know this).
Research shows that after a woman gives birth, there is a significant shrinking in the gray matter in certain areas. Just check out these MRIs. 
Most “challenges” and “programs” are not engineered for the way the mom brain is wired.
Have you ever noticed that you often “start and stop” a lot of programs? Like budgets, diets, workout, decluttering purges, etc.
This is the reason—the program was not designed for the way your brain is wired as a mom.
You did not fail the program. The program failed you!
The 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge is based upon the proprietary 8-Step Mom Mastery Method, which has been proven to get results among moms.
Results like…
Is There a Guarantee?
Of course there is! I’m a mom… ;-)
I guarantee if you join the challenge and show up to the daily live Mission calls, engage with the Challenge group, and implement what you learn, you will have more energy, focus, and see a radical increase in your productivity!
If you don’t, then that’s my fault, not yours. Just send back the Challenge Kit within 30 days and receive a full refund of $40.
It’s that simple.
However, if you’re like the thousands of moms I’ve worked with, the Mom Fog Challenge will increase your level of productivity, and even change your life.
P.S. In case you’re like me, and you skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:  
When you join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge today (for just $40) I’m going to ship you the Challenge Kit and you will also have immediate access to the Challenge Member site, where you will get live daily coaching from me, Hannah Keeley, on the proprietary Mom Mastery Method, as well as several bonuses.
If you don’t get the results you’re after—energy, focus, and massive productivity, just ship it back and we’ll refund your $40.
Sound good? Then what are you waiting for? 
Join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge today!
Here’s a quick rundown of everything you get when you join:
• 21 Days of “Mom Mastery Method” Video Missions from Hannah Keeley, America’s #1 Mom Coach - $997 value

• BONUS: 21 Daily Mission Guides - $247 value

• BONUS: Mom Fog: 8 Steps to Overcome Mom Fatigue Syndrome book - $27 value

• BONUS: Mom Fog Challenge Group Access - $197 value
Total Value: $1,468
Join the 21-Day Mom Fog Challenge today!
For only $40.
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